Pandemic of Panic Is Worse than COVID-19

Dr. Mario Martinez
4 min readMar 3, 2020
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While the threat of the COVID-19 needs to be taken with great concern, it is as important to understand the useless and counterproductive effects of panicking. Whether you take the vaccine or not, prevention is the best approach to any viral challenge. Panic is extreme fear response triggering stress hormones that suppress immune function increasing susceptibility to any pathogen, including viruses. But as we are well-aware, fear mongering is profitable for some of the news media and pharmaceutical companies. Some based on predatory action and others on ignorance of the debilitating effect panic has on the immune system.

Attribution and the Immune System

There’s extensive professional literature on the placebo (positive) and nocebo (negative) effects on illnesses, based on where we place the cause of what is happens to our bodies. There’s a possibility that COVID-19 was already in the US and people not knowing it existed, treated the symptoms (which are similar to other upper respiratory viruses) as a cold or the flu. Now, because we know COVID-19 is a different virus than the common flu, people are being tested with a stronger nocebo attribution. Additionally, people with compromised immune systems from other underlying illnesses, make the flu as well as the COVID-19 more lethal. When the HIV virus that causes AIDS was discovered in 1983, it was thought to be so contagious that patients were isolated in hospital wards, and medical staff wore plastic suits and gloves to “protect” themselves from the virus. As we now know, the virus is transmitted by sexual contact, contaminated needles and exchange of body fluids. The point is that scientific disclosure, rather than panic, is the approach to adversity.


Just like any other virus, the precautions for COVID-19 remain the same: washing hands frequently, staying away from infected persons, effective waste disposals, sufficient rest, clean water, personal cleanliness and avoiding travel to infected places and countries. I will add, replacing panic with reason because the best prevention is to strengthen you immune system.

Immune System Enhancement and Depletion


Vitamin C

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