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Personal truth is not narcissistic imposition of personal beliefs on others. It is rather the grounding of self-in-the-world guided by principles of eudaemonia: cultivating pleasure with purpose (noble intention), meaning (existential significance), and service (virtuous action). Conversely, narcissistic truth is self-serving, intolerant, and void of moral compass.

Unfortunately, academia is mostly teaching social constructivism, relativism, and politicizing the social and natural sciences. This corruption of reason and logic is policed and perpetuated by political correctness: modern day Inquisition. …

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Deconstructing Self by Mario Enrique

Truth is the reality we experience. But truth is much more than disclosure because the expression of our reality needs to be deconstructed to differentiate our personal truth from the cultural truth we are taught to believe. Cultures impose realities compelling us to live and disclose them in order to be deemed honest. Then truthfulness is defined as disclosure of the reality we were taught to live rather than the truth we could access if we decide to be existentially honest with our selfhood.

But what if we choose to live a truth that is incompatible with the cultural rules…

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The Biosymbols of Masks

A mask can symbolize fear or hope. The intention you embody covering your face will determine immune suppression from panic or immune enhancement from fortitude. Our immune system responds to the consciousness we choose to live because our beliefs have psychoneuroimmunological consequences. We have over 150,000 years of learned resilience and of besting viruses. We will overcome.

CDC estimates that influenza was associated with more than 35.5 million illnesses, more than 16.5 million medical visits, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths during the 2018–2019 influenza season.

Total cases in the US of covid-19 as of the end of July 2020, 4.7…

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Journey of the Weed (photo by Mario Enrique)

Mario Martinez

We are living in a society that perpetuates victimhood by bestowing minority status to those enticed to embrace helplessness as a way of life.

Just as weeds grow and flourish despite the prejudice of gardeners, so can anyone if they choose to confront infamy as empowered human beings rather than helpless minorities.

Without me knowing the difference as a child, when I faced prejudice for my Hispanic ethnicity, I responded to the personal attack without identifying myself as minority. Rather than seeing insults because of my ethnicity, I focused on the stupidity and ignorance of those who insulted…

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The Biology of Cultural Beliefs

There’s extensive psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) research on how cognition and emotions affect nervous, immune, and endocrine systems’ regulation. Concomitantly, medical anthropology (MA) studies the cultural factors that influence health and wellbeing. I argue that the convergence of findings from PNI and MA can provide valuable information on how cultural factors can have positive effects on health: Cultural placebo with measurable effects. But before embarking on the convergence of PNI and MA to achieve a better understanding of how culture can be medicine, I will define culture as the collective belief groups share about social, existential, and transcendental conditions.

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Land of the Storm Horizons by Mario Enrique

A Pandemic of Panic

While the threat of the Corona virus needs to be taken with great concern, it is as important to understand the useless and counterproductive effects of panicking. Since there is no vaccine at this time, prevention is the best approach to any viral challenge. Panic is extreme fear response triggering stress hormones that suppress immune function; increasing susceptibility to any pathogen, including viruses. But as we are well-aware, fear mongering is profitable for some of the news media. Some based on predatory action and others on ignorance of the debilitating effect panic has on the immune system.

Attribution and the Immune System

There’s extensive professional…

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Entering the Drift by Mario Enrique

Unwanted Aloneness

There are many conditions that contribute to our loneliness. I will differentiate between loss of companionship (unrequited love, death) and what I call selfhood insufficiency: feeling incomplete despite being loved by family and friends. A physical loss creates a vacuum that cannot be readily filled by a quick replacement. Selfhood insufficiency however, happens not by losing a person, but by losing worthiness: becoming our own worse company. I propose that mourning is essential for physical loss whereas recovery of worthiness is the remedy for selfhood insufficiency. …

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The MindBody Code to Access Your Innate Intelligence in the Healing Process

When we trigger our healing from the outside (external intervention) or from the inside (internal intervention) our intellect has a tendency to place expectations of what we want to happen rather than observing the process of what is taking place. What is the difference? Expectations of imagined healing sets parameters of what should happen. Conversely, observation of healing process, removes the imposition of how change should occur. Expectations of change come from your intellect, whereas observation of process goes to your innate intelligence.

Practical Application: Physical challenge -External…

(book in progress)

Lessons from the Fourth Attainment

Postulate — Mastering the as if perception of time and change

Terrain for The Fourth Attainment — Learning thriving resilience from adversity with uncertainty as your guide.

“Enrique, when your father left, it was abandonment that shocked your world: adversity at full speed. Nevertheless, you overcame the challenge and thrived. So rather than looking at how you were victimized, we will examine the unique strategies you applied from your innate intelligence, and what you learned from guides who graced your life.”

“Professor, the shift of emphasis you present is already having a…

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Circus of Broken Dreams by Mario Enrique

My Biases

I have disdain for most of the pharmaceutical industries, great respect for most physicians, and empathy for all unwitting consumers.

The Potential Archetypes

To enter the pharmaceutical industry requires naive expectations of a better world through chemistry or predatory plans to profit from the suffering of customers. To become a physician requires high intellect, relentless persistence, and profound dedication or plans to profit from the management of symptoms. To become a receptive public requires faith in the experts, and a desperate need to heal. …

Dr. Mario Martinez

Clinical neuropsychologist, author of The MindBody Code, The MindBody Self, and founder of biocognitive science. Visit his website at

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